McGill Environmental Research Forest Certification Project

Emerging Trends In Forest Certification:
The Role of Chain of Custody Systems



A Research Partnership between
the McGill School Of Environment and Sustainable Forestry & Certification Watch (SFCW)

"This report was produced by students of ENVR 401 at McGill University.
Sustainable Forestry & Certification Watch acted as an advisor to the project and report.
The report does not necessarily reflect the analysis and perspectives of
Sustainable Forestry & Certification Watch or any of its employees."


Reid Allaway             Rosanne D'Orazio  
Alexandra English     Melanie Greffard  
Mark Haber           Ray Holberger  
                         Lisa Roscoe

Faculty Supervisor

Prof. Arun Agrawal

Executive Summary


Evolution of Forest Certification

Research Questions and Hypotheses



Discussions and Conclusions


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McGill School of Environment
Environmental Research Project
Submitted for the course ENVR - 401A
December 2002

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