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Environmental Impact of Large Scale Asparagus Farming in Quebec

Sample Page for Style Guide only
December 2002
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for ENVR 401 Environmental Research.

This sample intro page contains the elements you should include in your main page (index.html). You are free to design the page the way you want. Hopefully your page will look better than this one.

Include a short (3-4 line) summary or description of your project. This is not the Executive Summary, but is even shorter.

Sample Client:

Asparagus Rules!

Asparagus Anti-Defamation League of Canada
3534 Green St., Vegeton, Québec

Giant Asparagus!

Note that the image is not very large. Images should be less than 700 pixels wide, in general, to avoid having to scroll sideways.

Sample Research Team:

Project Supervisor:

Project Report Contents:

Download the entire report as a PDF (97kb) or MS Word file (56kb) - these should be links to your full report. This part is optional.

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