Analysis of Intensive Hog Farming in Quebec



If you're looking for information concerning intensive hog farming in Quebec, you've come to the right place. This site briefly outlines the results of an extensive research project performed by students in the School of Environment at McGill University. 

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Executive Summary

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Learn more about the hog industry

Government Subsidies


Water Use


How Much Water Do Hog Farms Use?

How Much Does This Cost Us?



Water Pollution  And Treatment


Sources of Pollution

Costs of Pollution


  Health Risks

Case Study: Walkerton







McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

Project By:  Maude-Helene Desroches, Jennifer Luck, Catherine Pazderka, 

Katlyn Piller, Amanda Sheedy and Christi Young

December 2001


    Supervisor: Joann Whalen

    Clients: Global Action Network and Mouvement Vert Mauricie