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McGill School of Environment 401 Research Site

This site contains student research pages created for the Environmental Research course. You can visit the School of Environment's main site at

Student Environmental Research Sites:

Fall 2001:

Free Trade - Improving the Process: Dispute Resolution Mechanisms for the Proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)

Biodiversity - Management Research and Recommendations for Île Bouchard and Île Á l'Aigle

Agriculture - An Analysis of Intensive Hog Farming in Quebec

Fall 2002:

Electricity Generation - Regulation Reform in the Electricity Industry and its Effects on Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency - Barriers and Tools for energy efficiency: A socio-economic approach

NAFTA/CEC - Assessing the Effectiveness of the Citizen Submission Process at Enhancing Enforcement of Environmental Law in the Signatory Countries of the NAFTA

NAFTA/CEC - Improving the Commission for Environmental Cooperation's Citizen Submission Procedure: Recommendations Based on Human Rights Complaint Mechanisms

Urban Greenhouse - Urban Agriculture in Montreal: Marketing recommendations for an urban greenhouse in NDG

Biodiversity - Biodiversity Management Plan for the Nature Conservancy of Canada

Forestry Certification - Emerging Trends In Forest Certification: The Role of Chain of Custody Systems

Brownfield Remediation - Brownfield Remediation: Solutions for Urban Agriculture

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