From our research we have made some recommendations for the client of ways to help overcome barriers to energy efficiency in Quebec. We addressed potential ways of overcoming the specific barriers of attitude, pricing below true costs, separated expenditure and benefit, and information access. It appears that one of the largest barriers to overcoming these barriers in low socio-economic classes appears to be information access, because we found an abundance of information and programs that are not being used to their full potential. With the vast amount of information available and the limited time constraints, we simply were not able to investigate all available information. We would recommend to the client that they collect their own raw data for Montreal so they can find correlations between the data we investigated, as well as other variables more pertinent to low-income households such as housing type, income or number of people per household. We also recommend that the client further investigates our topics of research as there is still a large amount of information that needs to be studied.

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